Boom, its fall

It seemed to happen overnight. The familiar change from warm, summer waters to chilly creeks and vibrant color. Hit the woods early yesterday morning to take advantage of the clear and calm conditions. I believe that waders will be the norm from now on. Downright cold…Brrr. Stone balancing conditions with vigor. Hot coffee was a requirement. Eventually the sun crept into my little nook and provided a whole new level of smiles. A few photos… different angles, colorations, variations. Good stuff for my soul 🙂

Stone Balancing, Jacobs Creek 9.27.2016

Spent the few remaining hours of Tuesday stone balancing in Jacobs Creek. My schedule didn’t allow me much time to acclimatize with the surroundings. I much prefer to spend a few hours collecting stones, watching the light, and getting to know the personality of the location. I knew time/light were limited, so I gathered a few interesting stones and had a plethora of smaller stones within arms reach. The tinkering began… it was a bumpy ride, but ultimately I came up with a few designs before the last light was utilized. Here are the results. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Ohiopyle Stone Balancing 9.25.2016


Sept. 2014 – Ohiopyle State Park

Several years ago I created photo that I liked. Mostly it was the mood of the shot, the balance was basic by design and skill. Often I’ve toyed with reusing the location, but contemplated it being already “done”…besides it’s a high traffic area which usually prevents anything too complex from being completed. Yesterday, upon arrival at Ohiopyle…town was pretty low key. The air temperature was cooler which kept most people on the bike trail and out of the water. The sky was a brilliant blue, it was the right time of year…here was a near perfect opportunity to seize that “scene” from several years ago and improve. The first time I balanced and photographed here, it was simple luck and proper time.  Yesterday I had some forethought and experience to help guide my ideas and actions. The lighting is provided by a street light situated across the river. It created pure magic as it bounces across the rivers current. There’s also a railroad crossing to the right of the light which provided the red light in the other images. Happy that it all came together again 🙂

Recent works-Leave no trace

It’s been a busy summer for me.  I’ve been out doing my thing…sharing the magic. Creating in private as well as public areas…usually taking them down when I’m done for the day. If working on private property, I leave balances standing at the request of property owners. In public places such as parks, etc. I always dismantle what I’ve created. Doing so erases my presence as well as completes the cycle. “Leave no trace” seems to work best. It makes those moments more personal for those that happen to stumble upon me as I balance. It also allows those that prefer wilderness in its natural state to experience what they’ve come for. Leaving stone balances standing is like not cleaning up your toys as a child. There’s a great satisfaction in knowing that even the most devout “stack haters” couldn’t point out a location I’ve “damaged”. I question how something so simplistic, has sparked so much good and bad emotion in current society. As usual I’ll stick to the positive and chuckle at the negative… Enjoy 🙂

Linn Run 5.30.2016

Creating in the rain, can be a powerful experience. I spent a few hours fully immersed at Linn Run State Park during the creation and recording of this creation. The flowing creek, the rhythm of the drops hitting the earth.  All good inspirational things 🙂

Broken dreams

Seldom do I use broken stones in the balances I create. Sometimes they present themselves in a way that make them impossible to overlook. In this instance, choices for top rocks seemed to be eluding me intentionally. Low and behold, buried in the creek was this large stone that caught my eye.  I loosened it from the creeks cold water only to see it was cracked, but of interesting shape.  Slightly disappointed by the fracture, I inspected it from different angles, realizing that fate had taken its toll and this stone was presented for a reason. In my mind I equated it to a wishbone.  This was the lucky half and not just a broken stone.  Good things meant to happen and they did…This balance was finished just as heavy rains and night made their presence.