Recent works-Leave no trace

It’s been a busy summer for me.  I’ve been out doing my thing…sharing the magic. Creating in private as well as public areas…usually taking them down when I’m done for the day. If working on private property, I leave balances standing at the request of property owners. In public places such as parks, etc. I always dismantle what I’ve created. Doing so erases my presence as well as completes the cycle. “Leave no trace” seems to work best. It makes those moments more personal for those that happen to stumble upon me as I balance. It also allows those that prefer wilderness in its natural state to experience what they’ve come for. Leaving stone balances standing is like not cleaning up your toys as a child. There’s a great satisfaction in knowing that even the most devout “stack haters” couldn’t point out a location I’ve “damaged”. I question how something so simplistic, has sparked so much good and bad emotion in current society. As usual I’ll stick to the positive and chuckle at the negative… Enjoy 🙂

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