Winter 2016  Jacobs Creek, Laurelville, PA

KeyStone Balance is the artistic stone balance work of Pennsylvania native, Tim Anderson.  His work began as a result of a climbing injury that sidelined him during the 2011 season.  Spending time along the river, having an artistic backgroundand being influenced by cairns he encountered during his winter travels in the mountains, Tim began his playful venture into stone balancing during the recovery process.  As his skills evolved over the next several years and photos surfaced among friends, he was urged to share his talents with the world.  In the summer of 2014 he made his public debut in Ohiopyle State Park due to the constant urging.  The crowds responded well to his stone balance creations and demonstrations.  Social media was the next step along with opening a studio/gallery featuring photographs of his stone balancing.  Large scale festival bookings, high profile art gallery shows, demonstrations, corporate workshops, private collectors seeking prints for home, and further success has been the path during the next several months.

While not traveling doing demonstrations, appearances and art shows, Tim spends the majority of his time in the creeks and rivers near home stone balancing and being part of the beautiful areas where he’s spent most of his life.  Still in its infancy, the popularity of Tim’s stone balancing art continues to grow along with his ability to defy the laws of physics without the use of any adhesives other than gravity and stones provided by mother nature.His philosophy and outlook on stone balance is that it requires a highly involved state of meditation, concentration and sense of balance perception unattainable by most.  While stone balancing has a large community and following of practitioners on the simplistic level only  several others in the world have turned it into a true life study,  practice and full-time profession.  “I feel lucky to be able to follow my passion and evolve my art and involvement in stone balance on a daily basis and be rewarded by the satisfaction of others towards the creative process that I’ve become obsessed with.” The future is full of excitement and creative flow from this up and coming Pennsylvania artist.


  1. I love your youtube video and was wondering if we might use it on one our small display monitors at the Riverside Nature Center (Kerrville, TX) during our next exhibit (HC ROCKS!) – with the focus on the geology. I love Goldsworthy’s work and thought that your video would get people thinking about rocks for their calm beauty. I hope to attend LEAF!

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  2. Hello,
    The passion you follow, creates some masterpieces.
    Likewise, I write for my passion. I wanted use one of your images to compliment a short story I had written, but did not infringe your copyright.

    I am writing this story to be published at The Minds Journal and on my personal blog. If permissible, may I use one of your images? I shall give you due credits for the image.

    Thank you!


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