Author: KeyStonebalance

Tim Anderson, a stone balance artist living and working primarily in the beautiful Laurel Highlands region of south western Pennsylvania

Recent works-Leave no trace

It’s been a busy summer for me.  I’ve been out doing my thing…sharing the magic. Creating in private as well as public areas…usually taking them down when I’m done for the day. If working on private property, I leave balances standing at the request of property owners. In public places such as parks, etc. I always dismantle what I’ve created. Doing so erases my presence as well as completes the cycle. “Leave no trace” seems to work best. It makes those moments more personal for those that happen to stumble upon me as I balance. It also allows those that prefer wilderness in its natural state to experience what they’ve come for. Leaving stone balances standing is like not cleaning up your toys as a child. There’s a great satisfaction in knowing that even the most devout “stack haters” couldn’t point out a location I’ve “damaged”. I question how something so simplistic, has sparked so much good and bad emotion in current society. As usual I’ll stick to the positive and chuckle at the negative… Enjoy 🙂

7.14.2016 Linn Run

After a few hours of frustration, found a combo of stones that inspired. Here are the results, which to me are kinda ehhh mixed. Personally I liked the top 3. Wanted to change stones 4,5,6 (counting down from the top) but ran out of daylight. Looks a tad “basic” in this configuration… but still something to smile about! Possibly revisit these agian someday soon.

Linn Run 5.30.2016

Creating in the rain, can be a powerful experience. I spent a few hours fully immersed at Linn Run State Park during the creation and recording of this creation. The flowing creek, the rhythm of the drops hitting the earth.  All good inspirational things 🙂

Ohiopyle State Park 4.30.16

Spent a little time in the park today… Ohiopyle State Park that is 🙂  First time balancing under Low Bridge this year. Met quite few nice folks even though town was pretty mellow. Several countries were represented… I signed a few stones which will go on plane rides around the world. Always wonderful to make people smile and provide lasting memories.

Recent Stone Balances

The weather has been nice as have been other environmental factors. I’ve been enjoying most of my creations as is not always the case. Lots of creek time as well as time spent behind the camera shooting.

Ohiopyle 4.19.2016

Abundant spring conditions were enjoyed along the river in Ohiopyle State Park. late in the day I experienced one of the most impressive Caddisfly hatches in recent years. Emergence happened as I was photographing my last balance of the day.

Fade to black

Time progression through the evening and into night offers many variations of light. This balance was constructed and photographed through magic hour (the hour just before dark) in Linn Run State Park. During this short period, it can get hectic trying to capture the perfect rendition of what my eyes are seeing and photographic artistry before the light fades to black… only possible if the balance doesn’t collapse.

I always remember to take a little time to enjoy the balance, setting, and experience despite being intent on capturing images during this short duration. An important part of the process.  On this day the time leading up to magic hour was rather windy toppling this balance two time prior. After the 3rd build, the winds calmed and allowed for a wonderful hour of photography and balance enjoyment.