Bending reality?


Is this bent reality… I think not.  Just a few special stones that are balanced in place with a little help from Gravity. After getting chased out of the creek by foul weather the evening before (see Broken Dreams post), I went back the following day with clearer skies and the hopes of seeing my newly found, golden colored, friend the Palomino Trout who currently resides in this beautiful section of creek. I had not luck in relocating my mystical friend, but did find a few stones that were rather unique. After realizing the possibility of the bottom three rocks, I knew I was delving into something special.  Several reworkings were required to come up with a final arrangement that satisfied me. I observed and enjoyed the life of this balance for several hours watching the light and color change its personality. Although not the most difficult of balances I’ve accomplished, this has great appeal to me and is currently among some of my favorites of all time… Prints available, simply contact me 🙂

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