Changing of the seasons

The fall season has begun, leaves are changing, cooler air is being ushered in, things I enjoy. It’s also the time of year that waders come out. I try to prolong not using them as much as possible. I find that the feeling of the water over my bare skin enhances my experience while balancing. One of the elements of life that has the capability of soothing, healing, making one feel content. As much as I dread using them, inevitably the waders must come out to continue stone balancing year round. Much like my fall tolerance to the waters turning too cold to immerse myself in, this balance didn’t come easy… The first build took an hour to achieve. This was a case where shims under my bottom rock (not the true bottom rock), but the first one I place on top of what nature has set on its own, would’ve made the balance happen quicker. Ethically I feel this practice has no place in stone balance and is far too much like cheating. Two successful builds failed before a single photo was taken. Frustration took hold and defeat was beginning to seem a harsh reality. Limiting myself to a final attempt, harnessed all remaining focus to rebuild the curved spine and wearily lifted the massive top stone to its intended resting place. Less than 10 minutes later, it happened. Here are a few photos from a recent Linn Run stone balance session. Welcome fall!



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