Beauty comes in all forms

So there’s this beautiful location in Ohiopyle State Park that I’ve wanted to visit for quite some time. I’ve run past it many times, gawking at the rocks from high above on the trail. To get to it would require serious effort, but it needed to happen in my eyes. Yesterday was the day. I made the hike in and descended this incredibly steep hillside gaining access to some of the most beautiful rocks I’ve ever seen. I made my way through this dried up bed eyeing thousands of amazing stones. Eventually I came to the river and determined where I was going to balance. I began the process of seeking out stones. As I bent down to pick up a beauty, I quickly noticed a Copperhead about an arms length away. Yup, definitely got my attention. Upon closer inspection, I noticed and even larger one behind the nearest one. Throughout my day I encountered 5 overall. Each trip picking through the stones proved to be more exciting than the previous. Most of them stayed in their “day” location, until the sun went down and then they all scattered to who knows where. I worked until near dark, photographing my balances. When it was time to leave, I realized the batteries in my flashlight were dead and my phone battery died hours ago, leaving me in near darkness to return through the obviously snake infested rocks. Needless to say my kind woods karma paid off. I made it back to the trail with nothing more than mosquito bites. I love the beauty of Copperheads (when I know where they are). The days adventure sure paid off. Can’t wait to go back 🙂

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