January 20, 2015 Stone Balancing

I spent a few morning hours at nearby Linn Run state park, PA.  It was about 28° upon arrival upstream from the Adam’s falls parking area.  The air seemed warm compared to the much colder low teens I’ve been out balancing in recently.  I was anxious to get to balancing stones.  I found a spot near a pool below some currents that seemed to speak to me.  I set my kit down and noticed a very cool ice formation in a small puddle of water beside my packs resting location.  It appeared to be the imprint of a fern, but upon closer inspection it revealed to be the early formation of ice crystals.  I shot a few photos and started selecting stones to balance.  Fortunately I did, because the air temperature warmed up enough to turn the crystals back into liquid form erasing the beautiful formation.

Ice fern

After about an hour of working my chosen stones, I was able to assemble this temporary stone balance sculpture.




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